Ariana Elena Bautista was born on June 6th, 2014 and was diagnosed with Down Syndrome at birth. (AKA Trisomy 21 (T21) which is the 3rd replication of the 21st chromosome.) I felt lost, and confused. Having no previous experience with DS I didn’t know where to turn. like many parents I had questions, concerns. All I wanted were answers and I felt like I couldn’t find them.

I started this blog shortly after Ariana was born. A place where I would be able to express my thoughts, concerns, milestones, and emotions about Ariana. Which I’m sure I share with plenty of parents with children with Down syndrome. Educating myself was the first step, now I am Determined to raise Down syndrome awareness every chance I get.

I am, above everything a mother of three beautiful healthy girls. At times it is as if I can barely keep my head on straight, manage to keep my house clean, or even cook a decent dinner. I am a true believer in enjoying everything about life, celebrating every chance you get, and sharing love with those in need of it. Our life’s have definitely changed drastically, for the best. I intend to enjoy everyday of it with my girls. Follow our journey in Raising Ariana.

“I won’t change the way my child views the world, instead I will change the way the world views my child.”




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