First day of Pre-K 

Yesterday my littlest started Pre-K. It has been a roller coaster of emotions & challenges to finally get her here. 

 I started the day a nervous wreck. But I’m ending the school day with my heart full & my mind at peace. Mrs.Murphy, Ariana’s teacher was amazing. She answered every single question that we had. She was more than accommodating to our requests & concerns. She allowed us to stay present in the classroom until we felt comfortable. 

 The aide, Ms.Jimenez instantly took to Ariana & that just really helped calm my mom nerves. Ariana’s the smallest & youngest in her classroom but she instantly took charge of the classroom. She’s the smallest but by far the biggest handful.

 Ariana is in a “self-contained” classroom meaning she is in a small classroom of a total of 7 students with special needs. We felt like this was the best choice for her at this stage in her life. We’re hopeful & excited for her to thrive in her new classroom environment. 


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