Alopecia Areata update 

Ariana has been on medication since she was diagnosed with alopecia & we are already seeing some results. She definitely still has bald spots & new ones are appearing faster than her hair is growing. but she does have some hair regrowth & we’re so excited to see some change!

I was so scared of doing Ariana’s hair once we noticed her hair falling out. Like terrified. I thought it was all entirely my fault. I blamed myself & I just kept thinking maybe I just pulled too hard or I brushed too rough. Maybe I messed with her hair too much & now it’s all falling out because of me! 

I actually stopped doing her hair for awhile and I would avoid brushing it. Once she saw the Dermotologist & he confirmed that she did have Alopecia Areata one of the many questions I asked him that day was if I had anything to do with it. & he just looked me straight in the eyes & he said “mom, you had absolutely nothing to do with this. This is just something that happens” 

You guys… once I got into my car I totally Kim Kardashian ugly cried because I felt like an incredible weight had been lifted off of my shoulders. 

Ariana is so resilient I’m in disbelief that this kid is all mine. She’s amazing & strong & nothing gets in this girls way especially something like hair loss. 


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