IEP meeting 

IEP meeting is done with. Definitely not what I expected. Definitely should have gone into it more prepared. Ariana was her smart-silly self like always. Super friendly and outgoing. Even surprised us on a couple of things. I knew after this meeting I would leave feeling either like super mom that’s on task and has taught her child everything she SHOULD know by now. Or like…. “I don’t know why I haven’t taught her that yet?” because I still haven’t taught her that yet….

But here I am.. somewhere in between. Half of me is feeling like super mom because Ariana totally rocked a lot of what we have been working on but I still felt like I totally forgot some very obvious lessons. Like colors. Or shapes! *sigh…*

It was actually really intimidating being in that room. You have to sit in a room and some stranger who only gets to see Ariana for an hour gets to evaluate her and what she can or can not do all within that hour. I can really see where these meetings can go completely wrong. And how things can start to get difficult.

Ariana slept about 3 hours last night. Her meeting was today at 8:00 am. I just kept thinking that whole time “please do your best. I know you’ll need a nap soon. But show them how smart you are.” If Ariana wasn’t who she is she could have been cranky and tired this morning because of the lack of sleep and rest. She would have had this evaluation that was so off on who she is and what she can and can not do. But thankfully she made it thru most of it. With only a minor set back in between. She didn’t get cranky or upset she was just so tired that she just wanted to sit still for a couple of minutes. She closed her eyes but did not sleep. But that’s all she needed after that she was up and ready to go. 

All said and done. Everyone was nice. Everything was explained thoroughly and well. Ariana did her best and everyone seemed to really love her. In a week they will call to set up a meeting to go over her results and to discuss our next step. 


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