World Down syndrome Day 3.21.2017

WDSD is such a great time to reflect on the last two years of our lives and appreciate further the wonderful and important impact Down syndrome has had on our family and friends. 

It’s so crazy to me that two years or so ago I didn’t even know that Down syndrome had its own day let alone its very own month! I didn’t know Down syndrome was celebrated around the world. I didn’t know Down syndrome was something to be celebrated! How sad for me to have lived in such a life where I didn’t understand or appreciate such beautiful things. 

What a beautiful and blessed day it was yesterday to be able to see all those beautiful almond shaped eyes on my phone screen and to be able to look into my own daughters eyes and tell her how much I love her and appreciate her. How blessed I am to be her mama. How unbelievably important her life is to mine. WDSD is a day to celebrate differences it’s a day to show love, compassion, understanding, and acceptance. It’s a day to make someone aware of the big world we live and love in. It’s a day to share the beauty you see on a day to day that most people don’t bother to take a second look at. 

WDSD is the day to open your heart, eyes and arms so that you can better appreciate life… all life. No matter how different or how scary it may seem.

Happy World Down syndrome Day! 

Share love, acceptance and appreciate all those who are walking beside you on this journey of life! 


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