Interview with big sister for WDSD 

Every year for WDSD and Down syndrome awareness month I interview my oldest daughter, Amari. Every year she blows me away with her answers. She fills my heart with so much love and pride. Her answers our thoughtful and true to her self. There’s so much compassion and love in her answers and voice it always brings me to tears. 

How lucky am I to have such daughters? Daughters who love each other unconditionally. Daughters who teach each other. Ariana has been a blessing in more ways than I can count… but her biggest blessing to me is helping me raise her older sister to be someone that is so filled with love and compassion. She is so understanding and nonjudgmental. It is absolutely insane to me that my 5 year old can already have such an understanding of life! I know I have Ariana to thank for that. Ariana has helped shape her sister into someone so pure and beautiful it is unbelievable to me sometimes… 

World Down syndrome Day interview with Amari💙💛

•What day is it today?

World Down syndromes day!

•What does that mean?

That means my sister has Down syndromes so we celebrate her today!

•How does that make you feel?



Because… because when I think of my little sister and she laughs with me that makes me feel really happy!

•What do you think about your silly socks?

It made me think of my baby sister at school!

•Did anyone ask you about your silly socks or ribbon today?

Yes! My friend asked me why I’m wearing it and I said it’s the best day ever! World Down syndrome Day!

•If there was one thing you would want everyone to know about your sister what would it be?

That I’m her best friend but I want everyone to be her best friend too.

Amari, 5 years old


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