For a long time it felt as if I would have a “baby” forever. Ariana was at a standstill as far as growing and physically advancing. But now, from one day to another she grew up. She’s getting “bigger”. She’s so smart and sassy. She’s full of her own thoughts, likes and dislikes. 

She has really become attached to the word NO. I might even say that’s her favorite word right now, followed closely by just wiggling her finger NO. She talks so much now. A lot of it only I can understand. But there are words in her vocabulary now. Her signing abilities have sky rocketed out of nowhere! I really wish she would let me get a video of her but she is still boycotting my cameras (I was lucky to get this shot!) 

She’s becoming so independent. I was under the impression that she would always NEED ME…. but I think.. in the long run, I’ll be the one NEEDING HER. stay my baby forever Ariana..


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