From the moment Ariana was born I was told what to expect from her. What she will be able to do and what she wouldn’t. When she would do it and how. What milestones she would reach and when. 

 From the moment Ariana was born I was told who my daughter would be and who she wouldn’t be. She wouldn’t be the baby that walked early. She wouldn’t be the baby who spoke many words. She wouldn’t be potty trained at this age and she wouldn’t be doing this at that age. 

 From the moment Ariana was born I was fed doubts, fears and expectations.

Now every single time Ariana does something new or reaches a milestone earlier than what I was told I think, “there I go again, underestimating my girl.” 

Ariana now feeds herself pretty well. She gets frustrated with me if I try to help her. I want to help because she “won’t be able to feed herself” yet. But in all actuality she is very independent in a lot of aspects in her life. 

From the moment Ariana was born I was led to believe she would never have an independent life. That she would never be independent. I know that was never anyones intentions. The nurses, doctors or therapist did not have those intentions. I am indebted to those who helped my girl when I couldn’t. It just becomes difficult when you have all this information as a new parent and everything is hitting you at 100 mph and you feel like you can’t breath, everything just becomes “she won’t do this” “she won’t do that” “this will be really hard”

I don’t want to underestimate my girl anymore. Every single day she makes me proud, because every. Single. Day she’s doing something new. Every single day she’s breaking these barriers that everyone in her life unknowingly put up.. including me. 

I will always be proud of her once she reaches a new milestone but I will no longer ever be surprised


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