Fine motor skillzzz

 Today Ariana opened a bottle of apple juice and spilled it ALL on the carpet. What’s the first thing I did? I gave her a big kiss, followed with a high five! I even gave her a sweet fist bump. 

Something like opening a bottle, turning a door knob, or even using her spoon or fork when eating are huge accomplishments. Her fine motor skills are something that her therapist work on with her. I didn’t prompt her to open the bottle, it’s just something she decided to do on her own. She saw apple juice, she wanted it, she went for it, and she got it!

Whenever she sits down I make sure I give her a fork for her dinner. When I see her trying her hardest to reach for the door knob I give her those extra inches to reach and help her turn it. Now when she’s sitting down I’ll make sure I hand her a bottle so she can practice opening it and drink out of it.

It’s all about practice and being repetitive with Ariana. Practice makes perfect. 

What we consider accomplishments and milestones, you consider every day normals. Using your utensils, drinking from a straw, dressing and undressing yourself  etc. are tasks we have dedicated specific time towards to accomplish and master.  

I’m so happy Ariana spilled her apple juice today. Most importantly, I’m so happy Ariana taught me how to love life and really enjoy and appreciate everything it has to offer. Believe me when I tell you, spilled anything has never made me this happy.


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