Someone woke up extra silly, and extra sassy. Ariana had two OT’s and a PT visit today for an evaluation and she was not having it. She was being kind of a mean little bug. I even heard a couple growls. She refused to say please or thank you. And when asked if she wanted more instead of signing or nodding her head yes she would just grab hands and pinch her therapists.

She even threw herself on the floor at one point and came to me and pointed at one of the therapist! I don’t know how to feel about today’s therapy? Kind of sad, a little embarrassed even? She was such a naughty girl today! 

Once it was all said and done her therapist were impressed with her and her attitude. They said she is such a “typical” toddler. Wants to do what she wants to do, when she wants to do it. 

She will be seeing her OT’s every 6 weeks now instead of 4, they said she doesn’t need to be seen so often. I think Ariana  is just too much to handle! Haha


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