​”She will never play any sports…” was once a thought I had. Silly how we can take simple things for granted like being able to play a sport or join a league. Silly me to try and underestimate my girl.

Today Ariana had her first little soccer “practice”. It’s more of a mommy and me type class where they learn the fundamentals of sharing, participating, and soccer. But she’s getting out there! She’s kicking the ball, following the kids and being apart of a team. She’s an important piece of the picture. She belongs to something. 

Ariana reminded me today that I need to pull out that box I put away when she was born more often. The box that I filled with soccer dreams, ballerina recital hopes, and karate kicks that just seemed so far away from now. Today Ariana reminded me that I need to stop underestimating her, that I need to stop doubting her. 

Seeing her out on that field kicking the ball, and walking amongst all the kids… my heart cried out. My mind was running on a million thoughts. My soul was happy, my heart was warm and full. I’ve never felt happiness like that before. 

Everything I thought she could never do, she will. Every time I have ever doubted her she has proven to be stronger. Every single time I fear for her she comes out on top. She is strong. She is capable. She is able. She is everything I thought she wouldn’t be…… 

Life is good guys. Life is really good. 


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