Happy Birthday Raising Ariana!

 Today my blog turns 2! I am so greatful for my safe place. It helped me thru some difficult times and some really great ones. I shared my grief, I shared my pains, my fears, Ariana’s milestones, set backs, and goals. 2 years of Down syndrome day thoughts, and 2 Down syndrome awareness months posts. 3 best buddies and buddy walks posts with plenty of pictures of how absolutely amazing our walks were. 

Raising Ariana has been such a life saver, sanity saver, and total game changer for me. 
Over 6,100+ views and visits, Raising Ariana is something I am very proud of. A place that I created for the sole purpose for me to let out what was on my mind has turned into somewhere I hope new parents can come and find the peace and reassurance I was so desperately looking for when Ariana was born. I hope I’m that place, I really want to be that place. 

I write this post while Ariana sits on my lap, “talking” to me with two tiny fingers up my nose feeling the luckiest mommy on this planet, in this galaxy. 

Thanks for reading guys!

With so much love and gratitude,


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