New Mommy,

Believe me when I tell you everything will be okay. Your baby will be so much more than that diagnoses you just received. Your baby will be happy, and silly. Your baby will be loved and will love you back so deeply that it makes the oceans envious.

Don’t box up your dreams and goals for your baby, your baby will accomplish so much. Don’t fall for the stereotypes and the misconceptions surrounding Down syndrome. Your baby will flourish, your baby will conquer.

Your baby is enough. You are enough, your love is enough but grieving is okay. You must grieve the life you thought you would have with your baby and prepare yourself for the most extraordinary journey. A journey you weren’t expecting, but will soon turn into the best parts of your life.

Don’t question yourself, or your abilities. Don’t blame yourself, or your grieving. Do not lose yourself in the what if’s.

Your baby is your baby. Love your baby, be present with your baby. Enjoy, parade, and enlighten with your baby.

The world is big, and it just got bigger.




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