It’s been awhile since my last post and a lot has been happening with Ariana. For one, she started walking! Like full on walking. It’s incredible to watch her accomplish this goal. One day she just woke up and started taking her first steps. It’s was something magical, amazing, it was beautiful. She was so proud of herself, we were so proud! Now I can’t keep her still for more than 2 minutes, and I love it!

Walking. Oh’ how we take things for granted until we realize how difficult “simple everyday” tasks can be and are for others.

Ariana also just started saying mama… and I cried, like a baby when I first heard her sweet little voice call out to me while she stretched her arms out for me, for comfort. I couldn’t believe it. I waited 2 years to hear my baby call me (crying as I type this) 2 beautiful years of speech therapies, speech exercises, frustrations, and hopes of one day to hear her say mama. She digs herself into my arms and melts into my lap. She makes me feel like she knows she’s safe there with me. My sweet Ariana, you know I’d rock this world with an iron fist if it meant protecting you.

Life has been so blessed with you in it Ariana.

Two amazing years and it only took Ariana two seconds to change my life. The troubles I once thought of as troubles aren’t. My burdens aren’t burdens anymore. My struggles don’t seem as struggles anymore.



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