The little things

Sometimes you just have to step back and just know when you have to sit back and enjoy what is unraveling in front of your eyes..

Yesterday we had a movie night at home like we frequently do, and at the end credits the song over the rainbow played..

For the few of you who haven’t heard this song

The song came on, Ariana practically hovered to the TV table, stood up and started dancing. She waved her arms in the air slowly to the beat with a precious smile on her face while she nodded her head side-to-side. We could hear her giggle and “sing” along to a song she’s never heard before. She was so unbelievably happy to be listening to this song. I mean happy. I’ve never seen anyone so happy about end credits to a movie.

I began to cry (shocker). I became so overwhelmed with so many emotions. I cried tears of pure happiness. At that very moment I realized how beautiful my daughter’s life will be.

How the smallest things that we take for granted will, and can bring so much joy to her. That movie last night for example.. If she hadn’t reacted the way she did to that song we would have turned the DVD off, Called it a night and gone to bed. But instead we sat down, enjoyed and took it all in. We listened to the lyrics we have heard a thousand times before, and watched our baby give new meaning to it. What an amazing little human being our daughter is… She’s everything that is right in this world.

In those two minutes I realized how she has so much to teach me about life, how to live it, how to love it. How to enjoy the little things. She showed me in her own little way that she’s going to be just fine….



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