Best Buddies Friendship walk 2016

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to walk along side Ariana and fundraise! It seems like we’re always fundraising or preparing for a walk! But honestly We love to participate in the Best Buddies Nevada walks, and also our local DSOSN Buddy walks.

We’re proud to be able to participate in the walks. Not only participate but represent someone with Down syndrome.

This year for the Best Buddies Friendship walk we are going to do it a little different.This year we have joined forces with another family. Their daughter was also born with Down syndrome. Her name is Bella.

We can’t wait to walk along side Bella and her amazing friends and family.

Walks aren’t just about fundraising money. They’re about standing together for a greater cause, Walking side by side to show one another and everyone around that our differences make us beautiful. That our differences make us, us.

Team Bella & Ariana

Team Bella & Ariana’s Best Buddies walk fundraising page is live & I encourage you to help us by either registering to walk with us or by donating!

We have also designed team shirts for Bella & Ariana!



If you would like to purchase an awesome shirt they are $20! Here’s where you can get one



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