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I’ve been running into an article lately about how a college sorority just accepted a woman with Down syndrome into thier family. It makes me happy, and hopefull for my daughter’s futures.

Before Ariana was born and I was a mother of only one, I would still (even then) think about how hard, and cruel this world could be. If Amari would be able to fend for herself, would she be able to take things lightly to heart?, or would she be taken back by hard events that take part in her life?

Well, then came Ariana and my fears, and anxiety sky rocketed! But stories, and events like this help me realize that times are changing, people are becoming more accepting, and willing to see the differences in people, and love them for those differences.

I remember holding Ariana when she was born and thinking about how life was going to be hard, but not impossible. How everything that I expect from her older sister I expect from her. Good grades, manners, college, marriage, and most importantly for her to be a  godly woman. And now, I still expect all of that from her.

Ariana being born with Down syndrome makes things harder for her, she’ll have to work 10x harder and be 100% determined. But it won’t be impossible. Nothing in this life is impossible

Ariana just started to get interested in crawling, my one year old is starting to crawl! And it’s amazing. Alot may think “she’s one, shouldn’t she be already walking?” Maybe. I don’t pay attention to her age, I pay attention to her accomplishments and where she’s at, not where she’s suppose to be. This is where I go back to the “nothing is impossible”, it just takes work (alot of it) and determination.

Back to the first woman ever to be accepted into a college sorority, she’s proving to the world that times are changing, acceptance is possible. And of the highest form. She’s a college student paving the way for future students with Down syndrome. For Ariana. And for that I wish I could give her a huge hug and million thank you’s.

Here’s a link to her story.



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