Winner winner, I finally have a Sippy-cup drinker!

After months of looking for THE one, we have finally found it! Today Ariana finally drank from a straw Sippy-cup and it was glorious.

You would have thought she was running around in circles the way I was cheering, and yelling. Jumping up, and down like a complete looney.

Something I use to think as being “easy” and “simple” are the most celebrated in our home now. The most beautiful milestones are the ones I use to take for granted.

Ariana is one year old and she has mastered the Sippy-cup. When Ariana’s therapist would tell me “she’ll have to work harder, it’ll take her some time, but she will get there.” I never would think about how hard she would actually have to work, or how long it would actually take, and I didn’t think about how amazing it would be once she actually got there.

Ariana, like many others with Down syndrome, has low muscle tone in her jaw/cheeks. So something like sucking, or eating can be difficult because she just doesn’t have the muscle strength to do it.

This is where speech therapy comes in. Ariana has been practicing this for months. And like her therapist said “one day it’ll just click” and it did. She’s been drinking from her Sippy-cup all day, it’s pretty amazing.

And let me tell y’all, I am so unbelievably proud. Yes, PROUD. I can’t get this huge smile off my face even if I tried. She’s basking in the joy that’s radiating off of me because Ariana hasn’t stopped smiling at momma since she reached this awesome milestone today. I know she can feel how proud I am of her, and how happy she’s making me.

We’re using the Circo owl sippy-cup from target!


Here’s a link;



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