Big sister

Big sister, I hope you will protect me from any wrong doing, from any mean looks and from any mean words. I know this is a hard task, but I know you’ll always come through for me.

Big sister, I hope you understand me when no one else does. I know this might be hard sometimes but I promise I’ll try my very best, with your support I know I’ll get it. We’ll teach each other, and learn from one another.

Big sister, I know sometimes it may seem that mom, and dad play with me more and I see that you get sad. But I promise that they haven’t forgotten you. They love you, they adore you. But I am still just a baby, and sometimes I can take up a lot of their time. I’ll learn to share mom, and dad as I get older and I start to figure somethings out.

Big sister, we’ll tell each other secrets. I promise I won’t tell, cross my heart, or stick a needle in my eye. We can share our dreams. And play out our perfect wedding dream with flowers in our hair, a warm summer breeze in the air, and mom’s lipstick on. And When we’re older and the time comes to wed we’ll remember how we vowed to each other before anyone else. we’ll look back at these memories, and remember our love for one another.

Big sister, when mommy and daddy are gone it’ll only be you and I. But I have no fears, I know you’ll never leave my side. You are the one I want to be standing with when I take my very last breath. You are the one I want to explore heaven with.

Big sister, I promise to always love you as you have always loved me.



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