Nike Zoom Soldier 8 FLYEASE

This month Nike will be debuting thier first shoe made specifically for people with disabilities!

“Nike FLYEASE: an easy-entry footwear system designed by Tobie Hatfield to help athletes of all abilities and ages perform better.”


In 2012 walzer was preparing himself for his junior year in high school. Knowing that college wasn’t to far away he wrote Nike a letter. His letter did not go unanswered.

In his letter he explained to Nike that all he’s ever wanted was to feel independent. Walzer was born a premie weighing only 2lbs. Being born so early caused walzer to have under-developed lungs that led to Cerebral Palsy.

Like the true warrior he is, he overcame many physical limitations, and obstacles his doctors said he would have to face in his future. Although he has overcome so much, Walzer only has flexibility in one hand, so tying his shoes became a challenge. This is when Walzer decided to write Nike.

Walzer teamed up with Nike and they have designed an easy access shoe that can be adjusted from the back with no need for shoe laces.


“FLYEASE introduces a wrap-around zipper solution that opens the back of the shoe near the heel-counter, making it easier to slide the foot in and out. At the same time, the system provides sufficient lockdown and eliminates the need to tie traditional laces.”


The lebron soldier 8 flyease debut on July 16th. Limited quantities will be available. No word on how much the shoe will cost yet, but if a shoe can allow my child to feel some sort of independence, a sense of accomplishment I think I would pay any amount.


Nike is sending the Zoom Soldier 8 FLYEASE later this month (july) to 2 U.S. basketball teams participating in the 2015 Special Olympics World Summer Games in Los Angeles! Thank you Nike for setting the standard at an all time high for the rest of the shoe industry.

Here’s the Nike FLYEASE story.



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