She is fierce; Ariana’s 1st birthday

I remember the day ariana was born like it was yesterday, I remember the first time I saw her fat, red, chubby cheeks and her beautiful, sparkling eyes looking back at me. I can still feel, and reflect on every emotion I felt when she was being born. I was so anxious to meet her, to finally be able to hold her, and give her a million kisses.

Ariana was born on June 6th 2014 at 6:27AM, that’s when all of our life’s changed for the better. The second ariana took her first breath she took with her our hearts. She opened our eyes to a new world we never thought we would have the ultimate previlage to be apart of.

Ariana had a 2 month long NICU stay after she was born, she was then shortly diagnosed with Down Syndrome. That’s when ariana’s journey began, Where ours as a family began. I knew we would be tested as parents, and our faith would be rocked tremendously.

I never once asked god why us, why ariana. But I always did have fears, and questions about her future. I was terrified about how people would treat her, how she would be as an adult. “Will she be able to function when we’re gone?” Now I look back at my fears, and doubts and I can’t help but smile at how ridiculous I was.

If ariana’s first year taught me anything it’s that she is fierce, she is bold, and she is determined to overcome anything thrown her way.


All my fears, and doubts are gone. All my questions answered. I know that the world is ready for the force that ariana is.

Her first year gave me all the answers I needed, it calmed my thoughts, nerves, and my fears. It helped my soul heal in the way only God knew I needed it.

When ariana was first born one thought went through my head and never left. “Ariana was born with Down Syndrome, but at least she was born.” Being apart of the Down Syndrome community has opened doors to different worlds, different struggles and stories.

I’ve learned about different cancers, skin diseases, and different chromosomal disorders and so much more. I’ve learned so much that I find myself constantly thanking God that ariana was born with Down Syndrome and only Down Syndrome.

Ariana’s first year has been a blessed one with only minor bumps here and there… but whose lucky enough to have a smooth ride in life? We take our everyday life by the horns, and our everyday challenges with smiles, because our family is the glue to our happiness, our success in raising ariana.



2 thoughts on “She is fierce; Ariana’s 1st birthday

  1. Johanna Boensel says:

    What an amazing year I could only try to imagine. I’ve seen parents be strong, and full of faith. But the parents of LiTTO ARiANA were blessed with so much more than that… Only blessings and good vibes sent your way. A young mother who I look up to so dearly. God bless 💛


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