Heart baby

Ariana had her heart appointment today, since she was diagnosed with stridor. It was best for her to check on her heart to make sure it wasn’t working to hard..

 I was so nervous, I was terrified that something was wrong and that Ariana would need surgery. But I just forced myself to stay positive. Positivity is key in this new life that I have been blessed with… The nerves still sneak in though… And I think that’s just my “worried-mom” side that takes over and is on high volume because I know something could be wrong… But I’m working on that, I don’t want to spend my time being scared that something could go wrong, because now I know that just because something could go wrong doesn’t mean it will. And that’s just my optimistic-mom side being cranked up;)

 We’ve probably just received the BEST news yet. Ariana’s ASD (hole in heart) is 95% closed! And she won’t need to be seen again for a whole year! 

 My heart baby is almost healed, and it’s the most intense feeling knowing, actually knowing that she won’t need any life-saving surgery. 

Worried-mom:0 optimistic-mom:1 


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