It’s only Tuesday.

Ariana hasn’t gained much weight since last time we were at her pedis office, but that’s okay because she’s gaining. Today she also got three shots, she cried for two seconds and then got over it. It hurts to see your little one cry, it hurts even more to see them cry because they’re in pain. Granted. It’s just some shots, but it still hurts to see her hurt even for something so little as a flu shot.

We also talked about her blood work results in detail, her results came back positive for anemia, so now she takes vitamins to help with that. Her white blood cell count also came back a little tiny bit low, she’ll have more blood work done in four weeks to follow up for traces of leukemia

 Her pedi also made me make an appointment with a geneticist for Ariana, and there’s a waiting list… That’s ONE YEAR LONG😲 Dr.Morris, the geneticist is the ONLY one in nevada!! I see now why some parents leave their homes and go out of state to find doctors. It’s like fighting over a four leaf clover. There’s only one *ughhhh!

And now, we’re sitting here waiting for Ariana to pee in a little bag so they can send it out to be tested because she’s had a fever for the last three days with no other symptoms. Her doctor thinks it’s a urine infection. Is it Friday yet?image


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