Helmet hair

Today is Ariana’s first day with her helmet and by Monday she’ll have it on all the time, 23/7. For now, we’re doing 3 hours on, and three hours off. So far, so good. She doesn’t seem to mind it.

This is the beginning of her helmet journey, and although it might be tough some days, I’m sure she can do it.

When her therapist first advised us that Ariana would need a helmet, I didn’t know how to feel about. I didn’t understand why? I didn’t notice anything before then. Her therapist mentioned that Ariana has a flat head, and it’s shaped a little odd. That I should look into a helmet to fix the Shape of her head.

That very same day I looked into it, came to the decision that Ariana did need a helmet, and made an appointment. That same week Ariana went to the doctor, got her head measured, then scanned, and was approved for her helmet.

When a baby has a helmet it helps them fix the shape of their heads. It helps tremendously correct those flat spots. 13% of babies have flat heads, and it’s entirely up to that specific parent to decide if a helmet is the direction they would like to take. For us, we feel it was, is.

Flat heads do not only happen to babies with Down syndrome. The way certain movies depict children that wear helmets make you think otherwise, and are most certainly not true. My daughter isn’t wearing a helmet because she’s dumb.. Or because she hurts herself, she doesn’t run into things, or hit her head randomly for no apparent reason. She just has a flat spot, and it can be fixed.

Honestly, it’s not even the flat spot that persuaded me to get Ariana her helmet. The doctor noticed that I wasn’t to convinced even after I called, and set up an appointment. She then explained to me that the flat spots on a baby’s head can cause migraines. She said that fluids in the brain will go towards the flat areas in the head, and all that excessive fluid on one side would cause painful migraines. That convinced us 100%. A helmet was, and is right for Ariana right now.

The helmet doesn’t hurt her, and it’s not forever. She’ll have it for about 6-8 months maybe longer, or maybe shorter. It all depends on how fast her head molds itself into the desired shape. After her skull is at a shape were her doctor feels the migraines won’t happen her helmet will come off and never come back on. She’ll be done with it and that’s, that.

So if you see us out, or any child for that matter out with a helmet. Don’t assume the worst, or the most ignorant, uneducated thing you could think of. Just know if they have a helmet on, they just have a helmet on. I’m sure when we’re out people will stare out of curiosity, and that’s fine we don’t mind. If that happens to be you one day, stop. Say hello. And just ask.

Ariana is okay. It’s just a helmet guys. Does she look like she cares about it?😉



3 thoughts on “Helmet hair

  1. Terry says:

    Hi girlie! I miss you my princess. Hope this new year brings you lots of fun and many blessings.
    Hope to see you soon.
    You look adorable, and just looking at your smile is like the greatest thing ever, it’s like a beautiful day with sunshine🌞
    Thank you Sarai for sharing your experiences along the way with Raising Ariana.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Susana Zendejas says:

    Pretty in pink! Such a cute helmet! Thanks for educating I didn’t know it was for that purpose I like many assumed it was to protect from hurting themselves (which could be the case as well I know that) but not for the purpose Ariana is wearing it for. Great pictures!

    Liked by 1 person

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