Bath time

While we wait for our bath to be ready, I began to think how far we’ve come from visiting Ariana at the hospital, always leaving a piece of myself behind with her. Not being able to care for her was what really killed me during her stay in the NICU. Not being able to give her kisses, and hugs when she needed them. Not being able to make her hurt go away, not being able to do the simplest things with her, like give her a bath.

Now fast forwarding four months later, we’re at home getting ready for a bath and my heart jumps with gratitude, and appreciation of the simple fact that “we’re getting ready for a bath.” I always have to remind myself to enjoy the little things, & appreciate all the moments with my littlest one.

 Life gets so busy, and overwhelming that I can most certainly appreciate these late night baths, followed with some cuddling, and comfort feeding were at the end of our night we just find peace, and fall into an amazing slumber until morning. IMG_9676


3 thoughts on “Bath time

  1. Susana Zendejas says:

    Everyday is a blessing … It’s great that Ariana came into a family with a mommy and daddy who are sensitive enough to recognize that … Lucky girl!!!


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