Speech and Physical and Occupational oh’my!

Today was Ariana’s first therapy session at sunrise hospital. Every Thursday from 1-3pm Ariana has speech, physical, and occupational therapy. I am so excited for her to be getting more therapy!

{And in awe of how exhaustingly tiring, and overwhelmingly long, those two hours felt for myself. *Note to self; leave hyper 3 year old big sister with babysitter next time*}

First, we started with speech therapy. In speech therapy they focused on working on face muscles. They worked on Ariana’s swallowing, biting, and chewing. Ariana’s speech therapist said it is very important to start ari on foods now, because she needs the practice.

Her speech therapist explained to me that most babies, when trying their firsts foods they always tend to spit their food out. when you start feedings it’s actually just to teach babies how to eat, not because they have to eat.

Typically babies learn to swallow properly after they start eating for awhile, but that babies with Down syndrome tend to take a little longer to learn how to eat the correct way. Most babies with Down syndrome have an issue eating because of “reverse swallowing“. Usually when you eat you push your tongue in, to push your food back. Reverse swallowing is pushing your tongue out, that’s why it’s hard to swallow for babies with Down syndrome.

Ariana had carrots as her first food and I’m a little sad I didn’t get to feed her first. I know, I’m such a mom. But.. She was definitely not impressed with carrots.

 After speech therapy, we had occupational therapy. They worked on her sitting, rolling over, and grasping.

Then, finally physical therapy. In PT Ariana worked on putting weight on her arms, sitting, and getting into crawling position.

They worked on sitting, and reaching out for toys. And then some stretches. At this point Ariana was exhausted, and she even had a small meltdown. But then, she was in big-red-jumpy-ball heaven. 

After we were all done with therapy Ariana was completely exhausted, cranky, and in need of a well deserved nap. Amari was so over it, and went a little crazy the 150th time I told her “don’t touch that Amari!” and mommy, well mommy was proud she made it without trying to pull her hair out and was soo ready to take on the world after surviving those rigid two hours.



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