Day 31 -part one

Compadres Miguel y Sarai,

You guys can’t imagine how proud we are of you. We always knew the great man, my compa is. That is the one reason Yiyo, and I never thought twice about asking him, at the age of 16 to be the God father of our little girl. We knew that he was the right person, that Sammy needed in her life.

He is truly Miguel ANGEL, he is that Angel (a very strong and tough angel) that God chose, to send another angel too, Ariana. Ariana has not just changed your life, but has changed the life of all of the people that are around her.

Sometimes we don’t understand Gods will, we have a lot of questions, but at the end, he is our guide. He knows why, and who to give these angels too. We love you, and love Amari and Ariana just as much.

Sari, just know that you are our teacher, that you will teach each and every one of us the correct way to help Ari never feel that she’s different from anyone. We all look forward to your blog, to learn all the milestones that Ariana achieves. You are the strongest woman I know, keep it up. Thank you for letting us be apart of your family.

With love,

The Anguiano Family.

-Briza Lazcano


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