Day 29

 The slowly opening flower

 When A was a few months old I saw an older couple at a coffee shop with their son who has Down Syndrome. I introduced myself, even though I was alone. The mom was very sweet and told me some nice things about her son (who is in his 40’s I think) and then said that raising a child with Down Syndrome is like watching a flower open slowly.

2 years later I realize how spot on she was.

With A. we have had fun of experiencing a first time baby all over again. Every milestone no matter how little is celebrated and noticed. With life working in slow motion I get to notice things that I would not otherwise. We focus on the tinny milestones rather than the big ones as they all add up.

For example today I saw him saying “up” and then getting to all fours. He did this a number of times. We know this is a key step toward learning to balance and then walk.

Yesterday he asked to go potty and then went. We love when he tries to put on his underpants by putting his foot on them. These are all little steps that mean so much and with most kids are missed completely. So yes we are enjoying watching our beautiful flower open slowly.


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