Day 23


My brother, Mike gave me the news as we walked into the hospital. Hearing the news gave me strong feeling, I can’t explain them. As he was telling me, I didn’t even let him finish his sentence and I said “don’t worry, she has her big brother Max (a son you always wanted, just like you) and he will step up and take care of her. don’t worry.”

I didn’t even know my sister(in law) Sari gave birth that night, they didn’t tell me, or my family anything I just got a call from Mike saying “come to the hospital” I didn’t know what to expect. That’s when he told us the news, as I walked into the room alone with Mike to see my beautiful niece Ari, I didn’t know how I would react.. but, as I laid my eyes on her for the first time, I felt as if I was looking at an angel. She was, and still is a gorgeous baby. DS is just another word without meaning for me. I don’t see her any different from anybody else. We’re all the same, and Ari is just more special!

I feel this is a gift from god, and it will bring us more together, and we have to teach others that she’s not different. She’s the same as you, and I. I did tear up a bit, I knew this wasn’t going to be easy, but then again nothing in life is. This is just gods work in showing us how united, and strong together we all can be, this is just another obstacle.

My wife, and I have read about DS when we were expecting Max. I feared it. DS is not something I never been around, We have a distant Uncle, Uri back in Jocotepec, Jalisco Mexico. He is awesome. someone I always enjoy being around with.

My son Maximillian is a lot like Mike. Knowing Mike always wanted a son, I think, hurts him a bit. I know he loves my son dearly, I feel sometimes my son loves him more than me! On Ariana’s welcome home party Max reacted very affectionate with her, very differently, a way he has never been with anyone else. Not even with his mom! I saw Mikes reaction, one of his I never seen, only when the cowboys win a game. (so rarely;)! Max wanted to hold her, kiss her, he was so infatuated with her. To this day he is not like that with anyone else, only with Ariana. That’s what I had promised Mike, that Max will always take care of her.

-Chris Bautista


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