Day 19: Buddy walk 2014


On October 18th Ariana’s family participated in the buddy walk in Los Angeles, CA.  They walked with pride, and hearts full of love for Ariana! Thank you family for showing us, especially our little princess Ariana so much love, support, and acceptance!

We unfortunately were not able to make this years buddy walk in LA, but that certainly did not stop our family in walking! Here are some statements from our amazing family members that participated in this years Buddy walk!


“I had the honor of walking for Ariana at this years Buddy Walk and it was amazing! The Buddy Walk was a really rad experience that I am so glad I had the chance to be a part of. Since it was our first walk and it was very last minute i had no idea what to expect or an inkling of how it was going to be like. All I can say after today is that I’m SO excited for all the Buddy Walks that are to come for our family! It’s a really cool sight to see because you have all the teams together and interacting. When we arrived i definitely felt unprepared; we only had 9 adults and 2 toddlers and 4 signs. Teams really go all out for these events, but it was our first walk, now we know for next year. Being there surrounded by all this great community really made me happy because I was able to see in physical numbers the amount of people who support and love and are 100% there for people with down syndrome. I knew it was a giant community but seeing it live, in front of me, was just unbelievable!”

-Rocio Montes


“Yesterday’s Buddy Walk experience brought with it a roller coaster of emotions. Yet, it left me with ASSURANCE. I have been blessed to work for agencies which have inclusion classrooms, and have been blessed, and honored to have educated, and help set the social/emotional foundation young children need. I know first hand experience that although their journey will have some bumps on the road, they will succeed. Seeing all these marvelous, dedicated, beautiful families yesturday be so involved in their children’s life brought me ASSURANCE. I can assure you Ariana will succeed, I can assure you Ariana will become a great leader, I can assure you Ariana will always have her family pushing her the extra mile. ARIANA, AMARI, MIKE, AND YOU SARAI WILL NEVER WALK ALONE IN THIS JOURNEY.”

-Lina Rodriguez


“The Buddy Walk Saturday, October 17, 2014 This was my 1st Buddy Walk. We had such a nice experience, the whole idea was to see and meet other families who are supporting and raising DS awareness. It was such a relaxing time. There was people with Down syndrome who sang, danced, dj, and performed. The City of LA awarded some awesome people with DS who are active in the community, who made a difference in this past year and/or who were nominated by their coworkers or boss. I felt a lot of support and enthusiasm from the people who were present. It was an awesome crowd. From now on I will do the Buddy Walk representing Ari.”

-Terry Robles


“I was impressed to see how each group got creative in showing their support and love towards the child or adult they were there representing. I hardly saw small groups they all had family and friends participate. Also everyone was so nice and humble. The energy was filled with positive vibes! Cant wait for next year! We were all talking about what we would like to do and how Ari will be walking around and able to enjoy the event.”

-Susana Z. McIntyre


Here’s a slideshow of all the buddy walk photos⬇️

I can not wait for The Buddy walk 2015! We will have the loudest, proudest team there! I’m already thinking about shirts, banners, posters o’my!



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