Day 9

Today Ariana had an appointment with her GI doctor, she was finally going to get her MIC-KEY button! Or so we thought. We’ve been in such a rush today, it has felt like we haven’t had any time to breath. Her doctor is located half an hour away from us (Ugghh the drive).

We finally arrive,(late, of course) and finally get to see the doctor. After about 15 minutes of waiting in the room, the doctor comes in. At that point we’re super excited to be able to get rid of her stinky G-tube, that always gets in the way. She’s getting prepared to switch Ariana’s G-tube out for her MIC-KEY button when she stops, and says “this isn’t the right size!?

A little quick back story, we have been waiting for Ariana’s MIC-CKEY button to arrive since 08/13! When three weeks past, and nothing arrived I called her doctors office. I just assumed they might have had the wrong address? Or they just take awhile to deliver. I called, and they told me they have “no record of Ariana Bautista“. I didn’t know what to say since we’ve been seen maybe, five times in the last two months!? They couldn’t order her MIC-KEY button because she has to be seen by a specialist first.

So we go to this “specialist”, and finally get her MIC-KEY button ordered! That second order was sent off on 09/27 . Now, apparently the “specialist” isn’t the one that has to order the button at all. At this point we did become a little irritated when those dreadful words came out of her doctors lips! We felt like we were being sent around on all types of circles, turns, and uneccessary obstacles!

We just wanted Ari’s MIC-KEY button so she can finally move comfortably. She’s had her G-tube for two months, too long. At this point we were trying to figure out what our next step is, and how we can move on and get this MICK-KEY button delivered.  This whole time we were sitting there in the doctors office, Ariana was smiling, baby talking and just being the happy baby she is.

At that point we decided not to let something as little as a delivery mix up ruin our day. She’ll get her button soon enough. She’s not any less happy because she didn’t get it today. I guess, Ariana taught us our first lesson today. The little things shouldn’t bother us, even though our intentions were good.

The most important thing is that she’s happy, healthy, and smiling! And man is she smiling!Ariana is also still gaining weight, and growing! She’s at 11Lbs., and 23in. in height!



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