Day 8

Ariana’s daddy promised himself, and Ariana to wear his Down syndrome awareness ribbon everyday for the month of October. He wears his ribbon for his baby girl, and for the same reason anyone ever wears a cause ribbon, to raise awareness, and support.

Since day one mike has worn his ribbon, and since then people have asked him about it! I love when he comes home, and he has a new story about how somebody asked what it represents. They ask him what it’s for? Or who he’s wearing it for? He always answers proudly, and excited to advocate for Down syndrome.

Often, when mike informs people that his ribbon is for Down syndrome awareness month. Their reactions are mostly the same, “I didn’t even know it was Down syndrome awareness month?“, or “I didn’t know Down syndrome had it’s own month?“. Mike always is so excited to answer anyone’s questions, and to finally be able to educate people on Down syndrome.

After most questions are answered, people would ask “can I have a ribbon?” Of course mike wasn’t expecting that reaction, so he didn’t have ribbons to give out! He was so touched, empowered, and excited about people asking to have a ribbon to wear, that he went ahead, and ordered ribbons to pass out!

I volunteered to make them myself, but mike had a better idea, He bought the ribbons from a seller that donates some of the proceeds to their local Down syndrome organization! (Score!)

On day 8 of Down syndrome awareness day they arrived! We’re over the moon excited to get to pass these ribbons out, and get more awareness out there! Our hopes are, come next October more people will know that October IS Down syndrome awareness month!



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