Physical therapy

Today Ariana had her first visit from her PT. It went so great! Ariana is doing a lot of things at the pace a “typical” 4 month old should be at, and some she is falling behind on. Her PT explained that the more therapy Ariana gets the better, faster, and stronger she will get. Ariana will get to her milestones, but of course at her own pace.

Todays therapy consisted of working out Ariana’s neck, arms, legs , and core muscles. They began with working on Ariana’s legs, her PT showed me how to stretch her legs out before we start a workout. I have to hold Ariana’s legs down firmly to stretch her leg muscles. Then, I rotate her legs up and down until I feel she is loosed up enough. Then, just a small wiggle from side to side.

Next we worked on her arms, her PT taught me how to rotate her arms, and stretch them above her head. Also, giving her arms a little wiggle to keep her relaxed. Once her legs and arms were stretched, and ready to go. We began on her arms, and legs workout.

Her arms, and legs workout combined with tummy time will help her work her legs out and prepare them for crawling. Ariana has very good lower level strength. Like, her legs and hips are strong. This is were she is at a “typical” level. Her upper body strength is were she is lacking from, this is were she is falling behind.

Ariana’s legs are very strong, and they get her places by her kicking. I’ll leave her, on her play mat, and she’ll kick and wiggle her way off. Her PT said this is a good sign of crawling (fingers crossed). What she has to work on now is her upper body strength, mainly her neck. Ariana’s neck is as strong, as probably a two month old. She can’t keep her head up for too long, and she gets tired very quickly. She has little control of her neck.


Ariana’s next physical therapy session will be in three months. When she went in for her therapy evaluation it was determined that she only needed physical therapy every three months. Her PT and I, both agree that she needs it at least once a month. I will be contacting the supervisor, and letting her know that Ariana needs more physical therapy.

At the end of each therapy session, Ariana’s therapist set “goals“. In three months, Ariana is expected to have full control of her neck, and sit on her own without any support. I know Ariana can do it, and of course at her own pace. As long as she’s happy, thriving, and smiling this mommy is happy, and content.


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