Day 5

Good morning, afternoon, or evening to all. I wrote, and deleted at least 10 times… Just trying to figure out the right words to describe baby Ari. So I decided to go with a letter.

Not sure when you’ll read this, or when all these beautiful blog entries will be read to you but, Let me tell you what a beautiful family you have been born into! (I may get this wrong but I’ll try not too) you have about 10 uncles, and aunts through your daddy’s side along with 28 first generation cousins to whom which are your aunts and uncles! Mami if you’re ever feeling sad, or happy look to your family whom you can probably already tell how unique, and different we all are in our own way of course.

You have your grandma who is one of the most cheerful people I know! Always knows how to brighten the party, and don’t even get me started how amazing she is at her work! You have your grandpa who of course will always make you feel beautiful! Then you have your crazy aunties! (Weather it’s grandmas sisters/brothers or daddy’s cousins) Some who have families of there own, and some who what I love to call yogies/healthy life style eaters! Those aunties will teach you anything, and everything you need to know about food, and being healthy.

Then you have your uncles whom let me tell you will protect you till the end of days! You may get mad at times, but they always mean well only because they love you!  Then you have what I call your best of friends your mami, and papi. I’ve seen how much they love, and adore you! Seeing how they look at you every time you make the slightest giggle and/or the biggest smile you should see how it just brightens any bad, or good days they may have.

If ever you feel alone baby Ari just look around you and look how different we all are, but also look at how much this beautiful family loves each other, and you. So my biggest teaching to you is don’t ever stray away from us because we will find you, and bring you right back! Weather it’s all mental, or physical. Don’t allow the world to ever bring you down because it will try. It’s done it’s work with all of us. You’re one special little girl to us and always know your auntie Karina loves you and your big sister very much! I’m cheering for you sweetie! I know you’ll make us proud ❤️

– Ana Karina Gonzalez

P.S I’ll run for days for you honey!


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