Day 4

Coming from a background of teaching special needs children, what advice do you have for mike and sarai?

Dear Mike and Sarai, it doesn’t matter how many years I’ve worked with kids with special needs, they always surprise me with something new. The extraordinary gift is that they are very loveable kids, and it’s easy to love them back. They will forever remember you. Unfortunately the obstacles that I see ahead for our little Princess are the whispers, and giggles behind Ari’s back from disrespectful, ignorant people.

As a family we need to teach Ari that those kind of people are not very educated, and she needs to learn to ignore them and move along.
Some of the goals to set for Ari are to have speech, and language therapy. Therapy is one of the most important part of intervention services for children with Down syndrome, because you want to promote her cognitive (mental) and social development.

First, words equal knowledge, and the faster a child learns vocabulary, the faster she is acquiring knowledge about the world. Therefore vocabulary development is very important. The number of words that she knows by the time she starts school, at 3 years old will very significantly influence in her progress, and she will be able to communicate her feelings, worries and thoughts.

My advice to you; always be Ariana’s adovate, always be involved in her education, teach her to be respectful, and to be respected. Teach her to be strong and lovable. Always be in alert, remember if something doesn’t feel right for your Ari then don’t agree, just because they’re the professionals doesn’t mean they know it all.

Use your resources, we are family and we are here to help in whatever way possible.

We love you💙💛

-Terry Robles


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