Ariana’s OT wanted us to work on Ari’s reaching for toys, & grabbing them. Ideally she wanted Ariana to be able to do that, AND follow them with her eyes, place in her mouth & well, just play with them. Seems easy enough right? I thought so. I thought she would pick it up quick.

This was when Ariana had just turned two months, she is going on four now. I remember telling mike, that I expected everything out of her that I expected from Amari. Maybe I was delusional, or just trying to be overly-optimistic. But, I was seriously just plain out “wanting” too much, too fast from Ariana. What I didn’t realize at that moment is, that Ariana will do what she is ment to do when she is ment to do it. It didn’t take long for that to “click“, but when it did it made a world of a difference.

I would religiously place toys in Ari’s hands how her OT recommended. I would sit there with her holding her rattle in her hand, just so when I moved my hand away she would let go. I was becoming a little discouraged…

I was becoming overwhelmed, and confused to why? Then that’s when I reminded myself, “this is her ride, I’m just sitting shot gun.

Then it happened.
She played, she smiled, she conquered!

Ariana held her rattle in her hand, and played! This was amazing, I am so proud of her. She would even toss it, and when I would give it back to her she would grab it, and toss it again! It was absolutly incredible!

The small things are so worth celebrating! If Ariana teaches me anything on this amazing, beautiful ride we are all on with her, it’s too relax, enjoy the scenery, and celebrate ALL things, No matter how small we may think they are.


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