Viry Gonzalez Villa


Having someone with DS in the family wasn’t anything new for me as my mom’s cousin, Uri, was born with DS. When we heard the news that Ariana was born, I was confused that we didn’t hear from Mike, and Sari until a couple of days later. When I heard the news on why it took them so long, as a parent I understood but at the same time still confused why. I was excited to have another girl in the family because boys over power this family.

When I first met Ari I didn’t think, “oh my niece has DS” I automatically thought, “WOW look at all this hair” Not once I looked at her any different, why, because shes my niece. To me DS doesn’t define nor make her any different in my eyes. Shes still a part of my family.

A couple of weeks after she finally came home after being in the hospital for two months, she had a welcome home party. Right away I did my little research on T21, the type of DS Ari has. What I learned was that it is one of the most common type of DS there is but that shes just like any other little girl its just that it takes her a little longer to learn something.

Subscribing to Sari’s blog, I get to learn all her big milestones, and how fast shes growing. Not only is Sari’s blog teaching me more each time, but also it brings tears to my eyes on how strong Sari, and Mike are and how much they have grown as parents.

Im proud of my niece, she is a gorgeous little girl with crazy hair, and dimples for days!

-Viry Gonzalez Villa


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