From Daddy,

How do you feel about raising a daughter with Down syndrome?:

Sitting here and thinking of a perfect answer. I guess, I have mixed emotions. I know we’ll be alright. We have a great support team, and we’ve done a great job in my eyes with Amari, but something in the back of my mind can’t stand to feel like we are at war with a syndrome‘ that the entire world knows, but still many people are ignorant towards.

I know one day Ari will come home upset about something she heard, or maybe someone called her, or treated her unfairly. This upsets me, It’s hard not to try and compare her to Mason (Mason is Ariana’s cousin, they are 10 days apart) Sometimes I see Mason, and I can’t help but think how far apart they really are physically, and mentally, and how each day Ari is falling behind….

So now I choose to ignore all that and in some way live in the moment. Presently I have a beautiful 4 month old daughter who holds my heart. Before she was born I said I didn’t want anymore kids that I was content with Amari, but now I understand that my love for them is equally and different at the same time…

All I can do now, is prepare myself. Learn as much as possible, teach ari to be a smart, and strong. I want her to build a block against bullies, and look through all the ugliness in this world. I want her to grow up to be an activist in her community.


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