Down syndrome awareness month

imageOctober is finally here! (Well tomorrow, I can’t wait!)  I am probably overly excited about it, because October is Down syndrome awareness month! I was totally bummed when I missed Down syndrome day on March 21st (3:21 Down syndrome is the 3rd replication of the 21st chromosome) ta da! We also missed the buddy walk 2014, it was in May! *sad face* but, 2015 is around the corner and it brings many, many more opportunities to join in on a lot of DS awareness events! Can’t wait!

We have been brainstorming on how we can raise awareness for the full 31 days in October. Let me just tell you, way harder than it already sounds! This being our first time celebrating Down syndrome awareness month, we want to make it special. We want to make it memorable for our family.

We decided to have guest speakers, some will be our own friends, and family. We will also have parent guest speakers to children with awesome designer genes! We decided having guest speakers would be the best way we could reach our audience most effectively this month. We hope to show you all that Down syndrome has many faces, stories, and obstacles to overcome. My experience is my own, but I am not the only one going through this. I’ve never felt more surrounded by love than I do now!

I am looking forward to sharing, and opening my heart up to everyone that will be joining us on Ariana’s blog this October 2014.


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