Ocupational therapy

Today Ariana had her first Ocupational therapy. She will be seen once every six weeks, during her sessions they will work on her gross motor skills. Her therapies will be one hour long, and in that hour she will “play” with her OT (Ocupational therapist). Her OT brings all kinds of fun toys to play with.

In today’s session Ariana worked on tummy time, while on her tummy the goal was to help her use her neck muscles. A characteristic of Down syndrome is low muscle tone in the neck. To help her improve her neck muscles, her OT wants me to place Ariana on her tummy atleast five times a day.


They also worked on moving her head side to side. Her OT would place her on her back, then use a  rattle to get her attention. The goal in this exercise was to get Ariana to react to noise, have her move her head side to side looking for where the noise is coming from. She did okay in This exersice, she seemed a little distracted, and uninterested in the rattle. We will have to work on this some more


Then her OT concentrated in Ariana’s grasping, she wants Ariana to start reaching, and grabbing objects with her hands. Her OT would place a rattle in her hands, and Ariana would hold on to it. She would bang it on the floor, and put it in her mouth. Which is great! Her OT said that is exactly what she needs to do.

Towards the end of her session, Ariana became really fussy, and hungry. Seems like today’s session really knocked her out. She worked very hard, she did an amazing job in her exercises, and she toughed it out!  I’m beyond proud of her.

Ariana keeps surprising me, and the people around her. She keeps showing me that she is one of a kind, and she will accomplish many, many things in life! Whether it be fast and early on, or in her own pace. We are right there next to her, cheering her on always.


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