G-tube training

Today we had Ariana’s G-tube training class, we learned all the basics. Now we have to have hands on training with Ariana so that the nurses can write it down in those little magical notebooks that doctors go based on, so she can finally come home!

We learned how the G-tube looks, works, and how it benefits her. Ariana has a water ballon like tube in her belly. It keeps the tube in place. We will have to check how much water it has every week. If it doesn’t have enough water, her G-tube could come out! If it has too much water it’ll stretch her belly. Heres a picture of how her water ballon looks, and works from the inside.


We also got a feel on how her G-tube looks from the outside. The first month seems to be the most complicated. We have to vent it as much as possible. Venting it will help heal her quicker, It’ll also let all her gas out. Right now Ariana has a long tube connected with her (like in the picture below). After Ariana has it for a month she will get an upgrade to her button. The bottom picture also demonstrates how to vent her G-tube, and how to feed her.




 This what it’ll look like after a month, when she gets her button.


 Only the top part will be exposed.

Tonight we also take the next step in getting Ariana home. I will be giving Ariana a bath for the first time! I’m overwhelmed with excitement that I can finally give my baby a bath. We haven’t had the opportunity to bond with one another, now I realize how special even giving your baby a bath can be, and should be.

I will feed her through her G-tube tonight. I will have to vent it, and clean it. A little nervous about it, I’m scared I’ll hurt ari. It’s still a new surgery, I just feel like I wouldn’t want anyone poking around it if it was me. Her nurse keeps telling me that it probably hurts me more than it does her.

Ariana will also be doing her car seat test tonight! Things are moving along so fast, it’s almost time ari comes home! If all goes well Ariana will be home sometime next week!



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