Almost home


Today we spoke with Ariana’s doctor about her getting discharged! Before she gets to come home, there are a couple of things we need to get ready, and be able to do so we can care for her at home.

Daddy, and I need to take our G-tube training class. We will learn how to work all her tubing. We will learn how to clean it, and how to feed her using it. Also comes with a pump that we have to learn how to use. Since Ariana’s surgery on Friday, she has not used her G-tube.

Her doctors say it’s not common, but some babies after surgery don’t use their G-tubes. Her doctor said “Something just clicks, and they start to eat very well” Ariana is headed on that road, Her feeds started at a little under 1oz after surgery, she is on her way to 3oz and wanting more! It’s something I am very proud of!

Our next step is to finally bring in Ariana’s car seat! She has to pass an hour test. She will need to sit in her car seat, and keep her vitals normal. This test is to make her sure she doesn’t panic in her seat on her way home. Since she had issues with her oxygen levels, she needs to pass this test.

After Ariana passes her car seat test, daddy and I will room in with her for one night. The room in is a little more for mom and dad than it is for Ariana. Doctors want to make sure we can feed her properly through the night. They also want to make sure that we can work with her G-tube properly.

After all this is said and done, Ariana will finally be home! She will finally be where she belongs, with her family.


3 thoughts on “Almost home

  1. Terry says:

    Dear Sarai and Mike.
    I know all this must be overwhelming for both of you, but I also know that God is with you, making you stronger everyday and sending lots of love and blessings.
    We are so proud of you Sarai and Mike, you are an insparation to all of us. We should never give up because everything in life is a struggle, nothing comes easy.
    Love you guys and hope to see you very soon


    • Nicola- says:

      Hello Sarah and Mike,
      Happy Happy Joy Joy….Congratulations you guys!! Im happy to read things are getting better every day. The princess will be arriving to her palace very soon. Shouting out loud, God your amazing. I’m so Excited to read the princesses progress. Thank you for sharing and educating us all.


  2. Monique says:

    I will be reading along on this beautiful journey, you are educating me when I should’ve educated myself years ago when my dad had my little sister who was also born with Down syndrome. My sister Jessica is the sweetest most bright spirited little girl I know. 💕


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