I tend to forget that I am not the only one with a daughter that has Down syndrome, I tend to forget that Ariana’s daddy is going through the same things I am. He’s been dealing with his emotions, and unanswered questions all on his own. He’s a strong man, a man that doesn’t need to show emotion. One that doesn’t need someone to handle his problems, or questions. A man that shows 100% dedication and support to his significant other, but he needs to know he is not alone. I’m here.

Ariana’s daddy has been the stronger one, the more supportive one. He gives me hugs when I need them, and tells me everything will be okay when I start losing my edge. I have been as strong as I am because of that man, but I’ve never once thought if I was making him strong?

Since Ariana’s diagnoses I’ve been selfish, I’ve only thought about my feelings, and how this diagnoses doesn’t change anything for me. I didn’t take into consideration on how daddy felt. What questions he has had, what thoughts go through his head, is he okay? I guess I never had to because he has been just so amazing, and beyond supportive! He has helped me through some rough times, not having Ariana home for such a long time now has begun to effect my everyday life. He has helped me snap back, helps me remember that everything will be okay, we will all be together very soon.

At the hospital he has been the greatest daddy! He sings to Ariana, he tells her how much he loves her, and that she’s his girl. The love that daddy has for his little girl shines so bright it’s almost blinding. He brushes her hair, and puts in her little bows. He tries so hard to do it so perfectly, and he does it so gently. It’s heart warming. He rocks her to sleep, and just looks at her little face for hours. If that’s not love, I don’t know what is. He has proved to me time, and time again that he is the best daddy for our girls.


I don’t know how we ended up with such a blessing, but I thank god we have her. I thank god that he gave me such an amazing, supportive man. Above all I thank god he gave my daughters the best daddy.



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