At 9:00am today I received a call from the NICU, Ariana was scheduled to go into surgery today at 1:30pm. I was in utter shock, I was affraid, I was so nervous I could have probably thrown up while still on the phone. We were not prepared, and daddy was at work! This morning was absolutely hectic. I wish we would have known today was surgery day to be better prepared mentally, and especially emotionally.

We finally arrived to Summerlin Hospital at 11:30am, we spent some cuddling time with Ariana. We held her, we watched her as she slept, and we told her how much we loved her. Then, the time came for her surgery. Her nurses took us down to the OR were Ariana’s surgeons spoke with us.

The anesthesiologist spoke to us first, we talked about the risks, the pros, and cons. He explained that she had the thumbs up to proceed, but like any major surgery there are always risks. Since Ariana has cardiovascular issues the anesthesia may cause her to go into cardiac arrest. This was not easy to hear, my heart dropped, my palms became sweaty, and I could have just burst into tears thinking about my little girls heart stopping during surgery.

Her surgeon spoke with us next, she explained the pros, and the cons. Also that Ariana will be getting the G-tube “fundo”. Fundo is short for nissen fundoplication. A fundo is when they take her upper part of her stomach and wrap it around her lower end of her esophagus. (Picture shown below) The purpose for the fundo is to minimize reflux.



Ariana’s surgery was exactly one hour long, she was admitted at 2:00pm, and was out of surgery at 3:00pm. I can honestly say that was the most nerve wrecking hour of my life. Thousands of thoughts going through my mind at once. I was completely zoning out, and checking out of reality. I never thought my baby, my little princess would ever have to go through surgery. The second we were called into the  NICU to come see Ariana, I felt the world being lifted off of my shoulders. I could breath again, and all my fears went away.

Walking into the NICU and seeing her in the incubater hooked up to oxygen yanked at my heart strings. Seeing her G-tube for the first time wasn’t easy, made the surgery, and the trauma all that much more real.

Ariana is the real champ here, she was braver than mommy, and as strong as daddy. I was affraid for my baby, but now I find comfort knowing that she owned her surgery. She is in recovery now, and doing amazing. She is off her oxygen, and is on room air. She has to be the toughest one month old I’ve ever met. My hero, my daughter.






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