My tattoo

One month exactly after Ariana was born I walked into a tattoo shop. I decided to get a tattoo that represents Ariana, and Down syndrome. This being my first tattoo I was beyond nervous, anxious and even a little nauseous! My pride for myself and my daughter overpowered any fears I had.


I decided to get the Down syndrome awareness ribbon, which include the colors blue and yellow. My next desicion was placement, I decided on my left wrist, which is closest to my heart. I wanted it somewhere noticeable. I want people to ask me what this ribbon means, who it stands for, what it represents. Which my answer would always be,

“This tattoo is for my beautiful baby girl, who happens to have Down syndrome”

Everytime I look at my wrist, I get this unbelievable sence of pride, and empowerment. I know it was a small gesture to do for my little princess, but it’s one of the best choices I’ve ever made. Just like my princess, this tattoo will be in my heart forever.



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