Taking the next step.

We recently had a conference meeting with Ariana’s team of doctors to make what felt like one of the hardest decisions we have had to make for our little princess. Ariana at two months old will have to go into surgery to help with her feeding issues.

Her feeding issues consist of not finishing her bottle, difficulty sucking, not waking up for her feedings, losing her breath, and just being to tired to eat.

She will have her gastrostomy tube surgery, also known as “G-tube”. The G-tube is a tube surgically placed in her belly that will allow her to be manually fed. (As shown in the picture below) Food will go straight into her stomach, this way she will be able to feed with a bottle. If she is unable to finish her feed, the remaining will be fed using the G-tube.



There are two reasons why Ariana is still in the hospital (for what feels like a lifetime.)

  1. Feeding issues
  2. Cardiovascular problems.

Ariana’s cardiovascular issues consist of two small holes in her heart known as ASD, and VSD (very common in babies with Down syndrome) she will eventually need surgery to repair. Ariana’s doctors do seem to be very optimistic about the chances of the holes “spontaneously” closing. So fingers crossed for that!

Over the next month our little trooper will be going through surgery, and we will be going through training for when she finally comes home! Although it is overwhelming knowing that our smallest family member will be having to go into surgery, all we can do is look at the bright side of things.

Knowing that Ariana will be home very soon will give us the strength we need to keep us moving forward. We can’t wait to finally have her home!


2 thoughts on “Taking the next step.

  1. Brenda G says:

    Your An amazing mother and I bet it’s scary I’ve never been through anything like that but she’s a strong baby and she will get through the surgeries like a champ 🙂 god bless her and your family


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