On June 6, 2014 Ariana was born via emergency c-section. The moment our eyes met I fell deeply in love with this beautiful little baby that I gave life too. As soon as our eyes met I knew my little princess had Down syndrome. Only two things went through my head at that moment:

“my baby is the most beautiful thing on this planet”

“she’s going to be okay, we’re all going to be okay”

Immediately after birth Ariana was diagnosed with Down Syndrome trisomy 21 also known as T21. Which is the third replication of the 21st chromosome. Before Ariana was born, I had no knowledge about DS nor did I have any reason to educate myself on the matter. I mean why would I? Statistically woman over the age of 35 run a higher risk of having a baby with Down syndrome. At the age of 22 It never crossed my mind.

I frequently get asked, “didn’t you get any testing done while you were pregnant?” And then this overwhelming look of shock takes over when I reply with “no.” I didn’t get any testing done because “you are so young” as all the doctors say with a surprise look when they see that Ariana has DS. Although having any testing done and confirming that Ariana had DS while I was pregnant wouldn’t have persuade me to get an abortion, or make me love my daughter any less. Ariana is a fighter, and she’s on this planet for a purpose. I’m here to help her find that purpose as she helped me find mine. Raising Down syndrome awareness, Determined to educate myself, and everyone around me.

We weren’t expecting her diagnoses, but we accept it. We weren’t ready and I don’t think we will ever really be ready, but We’re looking forward to the challenges, and journey ahead of us. Our heads have never been held higher.


 “The difference between ordinary, and extraordinary is that little extra”



2 thoughts on “Diagnosed

  1. Nicola- says:

    I admire you my friend, I envy your strength. I often forget your age because you have so much maturity flowing through you. This shows that age is nothing but a number, you we’re dealt a set of cards and Sarah you playing this card game extraordinarily well. A strong courageous women you are!! Im so happy, proud and bless that you are my friend. If you need me for anything in here. You had shown me great support when I lost my baby. You have no idea how much it meant and helped Mike and I. We thank you so so much Sarah…God carved out perfection when creating you for your family!!! I love you…stay the person you are pure Beauty, Knowledge and Strength….i totally support baby Ariana 👶👶👶👶👶💕💕💕


  2. Terry says:

    Dear Sarai and Mike.
    You guys have done an amazing job becoming automatically Ariana’s advocates which is what she exactly needs. You have put aside the sorrow and get up and fight along with her. I am and I know I speak for all of the family, we are so very proud of you guys and it let’s me just know that our little Princess Ariana is going to be an amazing wonderful person, that she couldn’t have come to better parents than you Sarai and you Mike. I LUV you and I embrace you and I pray to the Lord to give you the strength, the faith, the courage, the love and support to give Ariana. It is needless to say but whatetver you may need I am here for you. I could babysit for Amari and Ariana, anything to help you with know that I am here. I LUV 💕 u


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